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The Cum Laude Society is an organization that honors scholastic achievement at secondary institutions, similar to the Phi Beta Kappa Society, which honors scholastic achievements at the university level. It was founded at The Tome School in 1906 as the Alpha Delta Tau fraternity and changed its name in the 1950s. It presently has 382 chapters, most of which are private or independent schools located in the United States. Participating secondary institutions may nominate up to 20% of their graduating class for induction into the society. The society's motto is Areté, Diké, Timé, which translates from Greek into "Excellence, Justice, Honor".

Ferdinand Acedo mentioned, "Personally, I don't think graduating Cum Laude really matter. I myself graduated in college with latin honors but I don’t think it’s really a big deal afterward. Well, it could somehow give you some pride and confidence showing you credentials but practically it’s not the most important thing. Being in the real work-world, I’ve realized that what’s important are your competitive skills, good work ethics or attitude, and social skills."


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